Vierte TOGAF® Schulung in Hamburg

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Alle Teilnehmer haben ihre Prüfung bestanden, 100% score!

Training reward 9.2
Trainer reward 9.2

Einige Stimmen zur Frage: „Why do you recommend this training“?

  • Learned a lot with a very competent and friendly trainer “Oliver Haase vzbv”
  • Informative, compact and well executed. Thank you René for a great and fun week.
    “Sina Voelkening – Fujitsu”
  • The training is providing a pretty good introduction on how to deal with TOGAF.
    It does as well prepare you pretty good for the exam. “Andreas Engel – VON ESSEN Bank”

Danke Sina, Oliver, Andreas, Guido, Jense Guido für Euer Engagement und den Spaß!